Last Updated: November 5, 2018

Using Custom Workspaces with Komodo 9.1

![Komodo Custom Workspaces](//

Recently we [released Komodo 9.1]( and with it we added some powerful new features such as [Commando Package Manager and Shell scope](

I worked on a tool to help our users more quickly get back to work. Custom workspaces was something users had requested before and we agreed it was a great idea. The custom workspaces allows our users (and us) to open Komodo and in no more than a few clicks, open every window, file, panel and side pane that you had open in your last session. When I get down to a dev session I’ll often have as many as 3 to 4 windows open with 3 – 4 different projects (Komodo Docs, IDE and Edit respective projects, Komodo design docs) and who KNOWS how many files open (depends on the bug/feature I’m working on).

With the previous implementation of restoring workspaces, it wasn’t possible to restore files that weren’t part of a project and you couldn’t automatically restore multiple windows. Now you simply click *File > Save Workspace*, select a name, and the entire state of Komodo is saved. The next time you start Komodo and the default window opens, you can click *File > Open > Workspace*, select the workspace you saved and watch Komodo restore everything for you.

I did a quick screencast to show you how it works (see below). Have a look then try it yourself.

Simple and sweet… And fast! Try it!

Carey Hoffman

Carey Hoffman

Carey made the logical switch from snowboard instructing and treeplanting to the technology industry in 2009, taking database and network administration at Vancouver BC's BCIT college. Having started out on the technical support and QA team for ActiveState he now works on the Komodo development team as a front and backend software engineer.