May 9, 2000

Intel Works with ActiveState for IA-64 Ports

ActiveState, a leading supplier of products and services supporting Open Source software, announced today the beta release of Python and Perl for the Intel Itanium processor. The Intel Itanium processor's floating-point performance, 64-bit addressability, large cache memory, and high bandwidth […]

March 25, 2000

ActiveState releases ActivePerl 5.6 to the Community

ActiveState, a leading supplier of products and services supporting Open Source Software, announced today that ActivePerl 5.6 is now available for download. ActivePerl 5.6 is ActiveState's value added, binary distribution of Perl for the Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems, […]

February 14, 2000

ActivePerl 5.6 Beta Released for Download

ActiveState has announced that ActivePerl 5.6 beta is now available for download. With this significant new release of its binary Perl distribution, ActiveState has provided ActivePerl 5.6 distributions for Windows, Linux and Solaris. “This is the first ActivePerl release available […]

September 20, 1999

Open Source week in Vancouver

Open Source is hot and several of the key people in the Open Source community will be presenting in Vancouver over the coming week. Tim O'Reilly, Open Source advocate and President of O'Reilly and Associates will be the guest speaker […]

March 15, 1999

Perl Development Kit Arrives!

Perl application development has never been this easy. Every Perl developer will expand their capabilities with the Perl Development Kit. Vancouver, Canada – The latest version of the Perl Development Kit 1.1, released today by ActiveState Tool Corp, allows developers […]

February 4, 1999

PerlEx 1.1 Faster than Ever!

PerlEx 1.1, the latest version of the popular web server plug-in from ActiveState Tool Corp, is now available. PerlEx 1.1 dramatically improves performance by pre-compiling Perl scripts and storing them in memory. Using a web server's native Application Program Interface […]

November 4, 1998

Leading Perl Developer Arrives at ActiveState

Gurusamy Sarathy is a five year veteran of Perl, the author of several modules and is the "Pumpking" for the next major release of Perl. Now ActiveState is welcoming him to their development team at the World Headquarters in Vancouver. […]

May 13, 1998

ActiveState Accelerates Web Sites with PerlEx

New product improves performance of Perl scripts running on NT Web servers by up to 30 times. ActiveState Tool Corp., the industry leader in professional tools for Perl developers, announces the release of PerlEx, a plug-in for NT Web servers […]

March 10, 1998

Leading Perl and XML Developers Collaborating

Leading Perl and XML (Extensible Markup Language) developers met recently at O'Reilly & Associates to plan a way for Perl, the popular Web programming language, and XML, the hottest Web mark-up technology, to work together. Attending the Perl/XML Summit were: […]