Upgrade to Team Tier to enable Secure Binaries for all your builds

Reduce risk and meet government regulations with our SLSA-compliant build system for your open source packages.

$ state install tensorflowBuilding from sourceScanning vulnerabilitiesDownloading…Package installed: tensorflow


Secure Binaries

Built from source in our secure, isolated build system for all your runtimes.

Community binaries

Used with free accounts and when installing packages from public repositories.

Reduced risk profile

We build from source, so you are less likely to be exposed to common open source exploits.

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Regulatory compliance

A full Software Bill of Materials gives you insight into all the open source binaries you’re using, right down to system libraries.

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Full audit trail

We produce attestations to help you know exactly how every single binary in your runtime was built.

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Vulnerability insights

Our vulnerabilities (CVE) dashboard keeps you up to date on all threats across every project in your organization. Email alerts too.

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Additional Team Tier features

Streamline your team’s workflow with additional productivity boosts

Private projects

Maintain code confidentiality with secure private projects.

Build success assistance

Overcome build hurdles effortlessly with dedicated support and insights.

Multi-OS projects

Seamlessly manage your code across multiple operating systems.

Vulnerability dashboard

Stay ahead of vulnerabilities with a comprehensive org-wide CVE dashboard.

Attestions & SBOM

Boost compliance and trust with detailed attestations and SBOMs.

Downloadable installers

Ease deployment with downloadable installers in various formats.

Team-based collaboration

Add members to your organization & manage projects together.

Role-based access control

Ensure project integrity with precise role-based access controls.

Contact us to upgrade

Our specialists will walk you through the upgrade process and help you get the most out of our Team Tier features.

Team Tier starts at just $84/month depending on the size of your organization and security needs.