New, Patched & Versioned Packages and Languages

The ActiveState Platform is regularly updated with new, patched & versioned packages and languages. Keep your projects up to date by implementing the latest upgrades to your open source packages and languages:

June 2022

Name Language Description Status Publish Date
Scipy 1.8.1 and 1.7.3 Python Scientific library for mathematics, science, and engineering routines. Both v1.8.1 and v1.7.3 are bug fix releases with no new features. Upgrade Optional for Linux & Windows 2022/06/28
Perl 5.36 Perl Perl 5.36 features a number of core enhancements, as well as new diagnostics and performance improvements. See Perldelta for more information. Upgrade Optional 2022/06/15
Math-GMP v2.25 Perl Math-GMP v2.25 provides Perl users with a faster way to perform integer math. This latest version incorporates some refactoring and a workaround for Test::Builder. Upgrade Optional 2022/06/15
OpenSSL v1.1.1o Perl
OpenSSL v1.1.1o (labeled as openssl on the ActiveState Platform) includes a fix for CVE-2022-1292 (moderate severity) that eliminates a command injection vulnerability in OpenSSL’s c_rehash script. Upgrade Recommended 2022/06/15

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