Komodo Alpha 7 now available

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – October 23, 2006 – Komodo 4.0 Alpha 7, for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, is now available for testing and feedback.

Check it out now and tell us what you think.

New in Komodo 4.0 Alpha 7

  • Redesigned Code Intelligence backend. Reimplementation of Ruby, Python, JavaScript and PHP. Perl and Tcl Code Intelligence are not available in this release, but will be reimplemented for Beta 1.
  • Multi-language file support. Autocomplete, help, commenting, etc.
  • PHP “Zero Configuration”. Improved automatic configuration for PHP debugging.
  • Additional Project functionality.
    • Project based debugger preferences
    • Basic file management (Delete, Rename, Show in File Manager)
    • Project import from remote file systems
    • New File option

New in Previous Komodo 4.0 Alphas

  • XML/HTML Autocomplete/Calltip Support. Based on DTD or RelaxNG Schema; SGML Catalog and XML Catalog support. Known issues:
    • Unable to configure additional catalogs; complete in beta 1. Current catalog includes: Docbook 4.4, XMLCatalog, VoiceXML, WML (Wap), HTML, HTML 2, HTML 3.2, HTML 4.0, HTML 4.0.1, MathML 2, SVG 1.0, SVG 1.1, XHTML 1, XHTML 1.1, SMIL, SMIL 2.0, ATOM, RDF, Dublin Core Metadata, RelaxNG, XML Schema, XSLT 1.0
    • Performance issues still present; in scope for beta 1.
  • Help Browser. Komodo now uses the help component in Mozilla for displaying help.
  • Project Templates. Templates can be created and used with new projects.
  • Project Settings. All project settings are now moved to the Project Properties dialog, which has been redesigned for use by any properties dialog for files, folders, and projects.
  • DOM Viewer. Shows DOM tree for current buffer if it is an XML/HTML file.
  • HTTP Inspector. Examine HTTP requests and responses as they happen.
  • JavaScript Interactive Shell. Manipulate JavaScript code within JavaScript debugging sessions.
  • Live Import. Projects can now automatically act as a Live Folder.
  • SFTP/SCP Remote File support. Configure SFTP/SCP the same way you would configure FTP.
  • Vi Bindings. Configure Komodo to work with vi bindings.
  • SCC History. View history on a file, and diff between revisions.
  • JavaScript debugging in Firefox. Debug JavaScript code in Komodo.
  • User-Defined Languages (UDL). Improved support for multi-language files such as Ruby on Rails RHTML.
  • CSS completion.

For a full list of changes, see the release notes installed with the alpha.

How to Participate

Download Komodo 4.0 Alpha 7.
Send us your feedback.
Report bugs.


The Komodo Team,

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