Perl for .NET proxy now available

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – March 5, 2001 – ActiveState, the leader in open source programming languages, announced the release of the Perl Development Kit 2.1 beta. PDK 2.1 now includes a Perl for .NET proxy compiler for turning Perl modules into .NET components and a PerlMSI installer generator for the easy generation of Windows installers. It also allows visual remote debugging of Perl scripts running on Unix and Windows platforms as well as on a Web server.

PDK 2.0 Features:

  • Perl for .NET proxy compiler. Changes Perl modules into .NET components.
  • PerlMSI installer generator. Easily generate Windows installers with wizards and modules.
  • Perl Debugger. Visually debug remote scripts running on Unix or Windows servers.
  • PerlApp. Turn Perl scripts into standalone executables.
  • PerlCtrl. Compile Perl modules into either an ActiveX control or into a .NET component without changing the source code.
  • PerlCOM. A COM object factory that works with Perl packages and objects. PerlCOM, in conjunction with DCOM, allows you to use Perl to easily build distributed applications.
  • PerlSvc. Turns your scripts into self-contained Windows services.
  • VPM. Visual Package Manager. Easily manage your Perl installation locally or remotely.

Please be cautioned that this is beta software. It is provided for testing purposes only, and is not intended to be deployed in a production environment.

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