Perl & Python ported to Intel’s Itanium processor

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – May 29, 2001 – ActiveState has been working with Intel to port Perl and Python to the Intel Itanium processor for the Microsoft 64-bit Windows, Linux 64 and IBM Monterey platforms. The ports of these two popular programming languages will ensure that those companies investing in Intel Itanium processor-based computers will have a smooth transition of these scripting technologies to the new platform.

"Tools that help enable ecommerce applications will enhance industry-wide adoption of IA-64 platforms," said Rick Echevarria, Director of Intel Developer Relations Division. "Intel is committed to supporting ActiveState as they work to port Perl and Python to IA-64, enabling ecommerce application developers to utilize IA64 platforms for development and deployment."

The Intel Itanium processor's new features make it well suited for high performance workstations. These features include increased floating point performance, memory bandwidth, and memory addressability to handle large data sets, which are designed to improve the reliability and speed of applications. Typical application use could involve large databases, data mining, protected ecommerce, computer-aided engineering and high performance computing. ActiveState will be providing the Perl and Python binary packages soon after the official launch. 

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