The Perl Paradox

Webinar: The Perl Paradox

The Perl Paradox

ActiveState is in a unique position in the Perl world, as both the creator of the first ever Perl for Windows distribution, and as the leading supplier of enterprise Perl solutions. While the rest of the world sees Perl as a legacy language and analysts insist that no one is talking about it, our Perl business is vibrant, alive, and growing. Leading companies such as Amazon, and Cisco continue to demand Perl skills in their developers while is investing in Perl as its core development language. How can this be explained?

This is the Perl Paradox. No one is interested in talking about one of the most influential modern programming languages yet it continues to thrive under the radar. Watch as ActiveState’s Tom Radcliffe attempts to solve this paradox. He discusses Perl’s origins, why enterprises rely on Perl,  and explains why one of the most important technologies in the world is not keeping quiet anymore.

Time to watch: 59 min

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