Top Open Source Language Trends for 2019

Webinar: Top Open Source Language Trends for 2019

Top Open Source Language Trends for 2019

In this on-demand webinar, our CEO, Bart Copeland, and VP Product, Jeff Rouse, share their predictions for open source languages and how open source language automation will shape 2019.

We’ll discuss market drivers like:

  • Dividers between community and non-community will blur.
  • Smart data privacy & security policies necessitate an understanding of what’s in the code.
  • The power shift to developers in the enterprise creates language/tech stack variants.

And share predictions like:

  • Innovation is driven by open source which creates its own management challenges.
  • True shift-left development to accelerate push to production and protect the enterprise.
  • Automation of open source languages will increase developer productivity and give more freedom to developers.

Download the slides (PDF) here


Bart Copeland, CEO & President, ActiveState

Bart has over 32 years in tech spanning roles from VP Corporate Strategy, GM to CEO. He’s had the privilege of leading ActiveState since 2006. Bart drives our strategic direction with three tenets: happy Activators, solutions ‘geeks’ love to use and making open source languages easy for the enterprise. He also helped define and lead the private PaaS market with the ActiveState product, Stackato. Bart subsequently negotiated the successful sale of the Stackato product to HPE in 2015.

Bart is the keeper of the ActiveState culture and the reason why culture is considered our best product. He holds an MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from UBC.

Jeff Rouse, VP Product, ActiveState

Jeff is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, and building great products. He oversees ActiveState’s product strategy and has spent over 26 years in tech at companies ranging from startups to publicly traded companies and in roles from team lead to Project Manager to VP Development & Services. His experience includes managing the successful integration of two merged companies to replacing a founding CTO and stabilizing and growing a company. Jeff earned his degree in Computer Science from the University of Calgary.

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