The Polyglot Enterprise: Best Practices for Adding a New Language

Polyglot is now the norm in most enterprises. The power shift toward developers – those that create the Intellectual Property that differentiates your business – coupled with the technology shift toward services/microservices has resulted in polyglot: the proliferation of programming languages and technology stacks across the enterprise.

However, as most professionals will attest, adding a new language to the enterprise is not a trivial matter. In fact, 67% of respondents that ActiveState polled for our 2018 Developer Survey said they would choose not to add a new language because of the difficulties.

This paper can help you address some of the key hurdles that crop up when adopting a new language. It provides best practices not only for developers who will face the brunt of adoption tasks, but also your DevOps team that will need to adapt their existing tools and processes.

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