Commercial Support

Commercial Support

Did you know that the US Department of Defense strongly recommends commercial-grade support for open source software? They note, “Use of any software without appropriate maintenance and support presents an information assurance risk.” Finance, Fortune 1000 and government organizations are following suit and calling for mandatory commercial-grade open source support.

If you use an open source language in critical applications without trusted commercial support, you could be in breach of company standards. At the very least you risk a business or operational breakdown, lost revenue and angry customers.

On-Demand Dynamic Language Expertise

Rest easy knowing your development project is in good hands. ActiveState’s top open source language experts have more than a decade of experience developing, troubleshooting and deploying open source software. An ActiveState account manager will work with you to fully understand the requirements for your mission-critical systems. They’ll advise you on ways to improve development efficiencies, minimize downtime and get the best return on your language investment.

You’ll also benefit from:

  • Best practices advice on module usage to save developer time
  • Expert how-to guidance on database connectivity and customized installations
  • Fast troubleshooting of code problems or leaks to ensure maximum application performance

Get to know our team of dynamic language experts and you’ll see why Fortune 1000 companies, like Cisco, HP, Credit Suisse, Bank of America and NASA, trust ActiveState expertise.

Security is Always Top Of Mind

Security will always be a big issue in software and it has a critical impact on your business—one that you can’t leave to chance. At ActiveState, we ship security updates based on the following three criteria:

  1. CVE/NVD CVSS value (
  2. Usefulness (how likely it is that the problematic behavior is important to Enterprise applications)
  3. Risk (how likely it is that the fix has introduced a new issue)

Based on the above criteria, we issue a security fix in the following timeframes:

CVE Rating Timeframe for Fix
CRITICAL 24 hours of public announcement regardless of their usefulness or the risk of additional bugs. These fixes will be applied to the most recent versions of our Business Edition and Community Edition offerings, and all Enterprise builds.

Enterprise Edition: issues will usually be fixed prior to the next regular release unless there is a significant impact on usefulness or we deem the fix risky in other respects.

Business Edition: issues will be fixed in the next regular release unless there have been reported issues with the fix in terms of usefulness or risk. Note: Older Business Edition builds may not be fixed, as patches are typically incompatible more than a few versions back.

Community Edition: builds are always updated at the same time as our Business Edition builds.

MEDIUM OR LOW Issues will be fixed in the next regular release unless there have been reported issues with the fix in terms of usefulness or risk


Free Up Development Time; Get Technical Support When You Need It

Don’t waste precious development time troubleshooting modules, struggling with dynamic language deployments or waiting for public forum responses. ActiveState experts are available when you need them to make development in our supported open source languages swift, pain free and of the highest standard. We’ll help you meet deadlines, improve application performance and keep overall project costs down by enabling your developers to focus on their core development.

Be Compliant

Is your industry or company calling for mandatory commercial-grade open source support? Get ActiveState commercial-grade support and rest assured knowing your development process meets company support standards.

Choose the Plan That’s Right for You

Not sure which edition* is right for you? Compare Editions to help decide if you need community, business, enterprise, or OEM edition.

* Business Edition support services include support for the build, installation, usage, configuration, and diagnosis dependent on ActiveState’s product life cycle.

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