Results for Day: February 16, 2010

Empower Your Team with Python Enable faster development with a complete Python distribution. Download ActivePython Start developing for free on Windows, macOS and Linux   ...
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Enable Your Enterprise with Perl Support your mission-critical applications with the most trusted Perl distribution. Download ActivePerl Start developing for free on Windows, macOS and ...
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Tcl Solutions
Millions of developers trust Tcl for rapid prototyping, scripted applications, GUIs, FPGA, EDA, semiconductors, testing and more. Tcl runs in numerous Cisco routers and in ...
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Python Solutions
NEW RELEASE! Optimized Data Science and Machine Learning Packages NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, and theano optimized using Intel®‘s Math Kernel Library (MKL) DOWNLOAD ActiveState has been ...
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Perl Solutions
Millions of developers trust Perl for computational and integration tasks: system administration, scripting, running database applications, and more. As an open source programming language, Perl ...
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Top 5 Tips for Managing Open Source Developers: Don’t Forget the Beer Fridge!
Just over 4 years ago I was presented with the privileged opportunity of leading ActiveState as its CEO. I say privileged because ActiveState is comprised ...
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