Komodo IDE 11.0.1 Released

Komodo IDE 10.2.3 Released

Today we have a nice big maintenance release for our Komodo users, fixing a variety of bugs and issues you've let us know about since 11.0.0. Some notable fixes include:

  • PHP CodeIntel now showing completions from other files
  • PHP now properly considering the dollar sign to be part of the variable
  • Auto-completions triggering more reliably
  • Go To Definition working more consistently
  • Improved sorting of auto-completions
  • Auto-completions are now case insensitive
  • Retina icon sizes improved
  • Various SDK enhancements
  • More consistent ability to create and edit unit tests

For the full release notes, check out our documentation.

If you're a Komodo IDE customer, you should be receiving the update through Komodo over the coming week (we release updates gradually). If you can't wait, just head over to your account to install the update manually.

And if you don't currently have Komodo IDE 11 but want to check out the new release, download the Komodo IDE 21-day fully functional trial today!

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