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## Go-lang Support
There has been a Komodo Go add-on available for a while now, but for Komodo 9
will be including the go-lang add-on in the default Komodo builds and improving
Komodo’s support for [go programming].
## Features
The add-on currently supports

  • Language detection of .go files
  • Syntax Coloring
  • Code Folding
  • Syntax Checking (aka Linting)
  • Codeintel Completions and Calltips (requires [Gocode][] to be installed)
  • Code Outline (for Code Browser and Sections List in IDE)
  • Go to Definition (requires [godef][] to be installed)

## Source Code
The code for the Go language support is open-source at GitHub, in the
[komodo-go] repository. We’ve love to hear from people trying the add-on, and
hopefull we’ll see contributions from other users.
## Screenshot

## Add-on History
The add-on was originally started by [Trent Mick][] as a general UDL language
extension back in 2010. Over the next few years [Travis Cline][] took it to the
next level, adding Syntax Checking, Codeintel Completions, Calltips and Goto
Definition support to the add-on (using [Gocode][]).
[Eric Promislow][] added smoother language integration (koIAppInfo) and language
preferences in 2013. We (the Komodo team) moved the code into the main Komodo
GitHub repository. I added Code Intelligence outlining (for Code Browser and
Sections List in Komodo IDE) and then included the add-on in the Komodo 9
default builds.
## Installation
For Komodo 9 users, the “Go Language” add-on is already included in your Komodo
For Komodo 8 users, visit the GitHub page to download and install the add-on.

Title photo courtesy of Renee French under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attributions license.

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