Komodo 10.1 Released – Tutorial Tool, Publishing Improvements and More

Komodo 10.1 is here! This is a great little release because we spent almost all of it focusing on minor enhancement and bug fixes.

Head over to our download page to try Komodo 10.1 now. If you’re using Komodo 10 already you should be receiving an update soon, though you can also manually download it below.

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To find out what has changed this time around, keep reading ..

Tutorial Tool (IDE)

This tool allows you to create your own tutorials, as well as use
tutorials shared by others. We are introducing it with 3 tutorials that will
help you familiarize yourself with Komodo, namely:

A Getting Started tutorial:

  • A tutorial explaining the basics of the toolbox
  • A tutorial explaining the basics of version control in Komodo

While we are using them to guide you through Komodo, the tutorial mechanic can be used for any purpose. We’re particularly interested to see the community use them for things such as:

  • Introducing new developers to a codebase
  • Educating developers on the use of new technologies
  • Educational use in a classroom setting

We look forward to seeing what you come up with, if you make your own tutorial be sure to share it with the community.

Publishing Improvements (IDE)

You can now force push and force pull files, which is incredibly useful for workflows where all you ever do is upload changes. Additionally, we’re introducing a dynamic toolbar button for Publishing actions, letting you quickly access common publishing tasks.

Other Notable Changes

In addition to the tutorial and publishing tool some more notable changes in Komodo 10.1 include:

  • Support for Mustache templating
  • Syntax checking for Angular.js HTML
  • VSCode Keybinding set (for converts)
  • New branch switching statusbar widget for Git and Mercurial
  • Various improvements to the commit dialog
  • Support for gulp.babel in our gulp integration
  • Global font settings
  • Improved user experience for the color scheme editor
  • Better HiDPI support for Linux
  • New preference to open find results in file tabs
  • Added missing Laravel Blade directives thanks to lagbox!
  • Added RGBA support to our color picker thanks to Defman!
  • Improved multi-caret behavior
  • Various codeintel improvements
  • More performance improvements
  • Improved multi-window stability
  • And tons more

Want to have a more comprehensive overview of the new features? Sign up for our upcoming webinar in which we’ll be demoing some of the Komodo 10.1 changes.

Hope you enjoy our release! If you have ideas on how to make Komodo even better be sure to visit us on the forums.

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