Komodo 4.4 and a Kitchen Sink

Komodo 4.4 is out today!  Komodo does amazing things, practically a kitchen sink of tools, but hopefully a whole lot more portable.  There’s a number of improvements, but my favorite is the new SCC commit dialog and the Change list panel.  We did a recent survey and found that 65% of visitors to ActiveState.com feel that having a single tool they can do most of their work in is either critical (20%) or very important (45%).  I used to switch to a shell to handle multi file commits, now I can do it in Komodo, nice!  I guess I fit somewhere in that 45%.
In other news, I’ll be participating in FOSSCoach at OSCON, very likely at the Utah Open Source Conference, and then AjaxWorld in San Jose.  That reminds me I need to submit a talk for FSOSS.  I recently returned from eLiberatica in Romania, possibly one of the better conferences I’ve been to in a while (not only because it was in Romania), but FSOSS is still a bit above (certainly less travel time).  eLiberatica focused much more on the business side of Open Source, probably why I found it so interesting, I certainly learned some new things from a European perspective.  And yes, we did visit Dracula’s castle.
Title photo courtesy of Taylor Wilcox on Unsplash.