Komodo 8.5: Productivity with a Touch of Darkness

I am pleased to announce that Komodo IDE and Edit 8.5.0 are officially released.
On behalf of the Komodo team, I’d like to thank all of our beta testers, customers, and anyone who has given feedback over the years. Komodo continues to evolve as a leading IDE thanks to your efforts.
You will find that Komodo 8.5 adds significant productivity-enhancing features while building upon the refreshed UI and navigation introduced in 8.0. One of these UI updates is the much-requested Abyss theme, which adds a “touch of darkness” to your development. You will also enjoy faster performance from various tweaks and code intel improvements.
This screencast highlights some of the notable new features:

Code Refactoring: Simplifies project-wide code changes with these smart transformation capabilities for PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, JavaScript and Node.js:

  • Rename Variable: Quickly rename variables using inline markers and multiple cursor selections
  • Rename Class Member: Similar to rename variable, but works on all instances and across multiple files, with an added confirmation step so you can verify and select the instanced you want replaced
  • Method Extraction: Move parts of your code into a new function. Any variables used in the selected text are refactored into function arguments and are then passed to the extracted method.

Breadcrumbs: A file and directory navigation bar has been added to the statusbar. It shows the directory ancestores relative to the current editor file, allowing you to easily find and open related files. You can use mouse and/or keyboard to navigate entries and filter down the list of files displayed.
Multiple Selections: In addition to Komodo’s column/block editing, you can now select multiple positions in the editory. Typing in one position will be reflected at all selected positions. Right-click in the editor and choose “Select –> Multiple Selection –> Add“, then use Ctrl+Click (Cmd+Click on Mac) to quickly make additional selections.
Abyss Theme: This dark theme applies to the UI elements outside of the main editor and can be enabled in the Appearance preferences. For maximum effect, select the “Dark_Wombatsosia” color scheme within the main editor.
Check out more new features on our What’s New page.

Download the installers:

Komodo IDE and Edit are available to try for free by creating an account on the ActiveState Platform.
If you have purchased Komodo IDE 8.0 or have an active Upgrades & Support subscription, this is a free upgrade. You can download it by signing in to the ActiveState Platform.
We are offering the following promotional discounts for new licenses, upgrades from 7.x, and other ActiveState developer tools through September 30, 2013:

  • $245 for new licenses (regular price $295) of Komodo IDE, Perl Dev Kit and Tcl Dev Kit
  • $118 for upgrades from version 7.x (regular price $168)
  • $495 for ActivePerl/ActiveTcl Pro Studio (reg. price $595)
  • Please visit our pricing page for more details.
    With that said, I want to thank you again for your business, usage and support of Komodo. We hope you enjoy Komodo 8.5!

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