Package Managers, Shell Commands & Workspaces – Introducing Komodo 9.1

Package Managers, Shell Commands & Workspaces – Introducing Komodo 9.1


We’ve been busy – very busy. Roughly 2 months after Komodo 9.0 and a month
after 9.0.1, we’re introducing Komodo 9.1. To say we’re committed is an

You can [download the latest Komodo 9.1 release from our Download section](/download).

## So, What’s New?

With 9.1 we’re introducing 3 awesome new IDE-only features that are sure to please
the vast majority of our users. Don’t believe me? Keep reading…

### **Package Manager Integration**

I’d say nearly every developer out there uses a package manager of some kind, now they can use it without leaving Komodo and disrupting their workflow.

In Komodo 9.1 you’ll be able to easily interface with Bower, NPM, Composer, Gem,
PIP, CPAN, PyPM and PPM. You’ll be able access all their command line magic.
Additionally Komodo facilitates searching through available packages as well as
installed packages. Even for Node.JS and Perl, which tend to make searching
for packages from the command line a bit of a challenge.

Are you missing support for your preferred package manager? Well adding your
own package manager to the mix is dead easy if you know a little bit of javascript.
We’ll be submitting some sample addons soon to get you on your way if that’s
something you’re interested in.

### **Shell Scope**

To interface with package managers we built a neat new Commando scope called the
“Shell Scope” which lets you run shell commands. This is usable for any shell
command you may want to run, not just package managers command. Not only that
but the SDK allows you to easily create intelligent interfaces for your most
used shell commands.

### **Custom Workspaces**

When you shut down Komodo and start it back up Komodo easily restores your
workspace as it was before you shut it down. It’s done that for ages, but you
might have thought; what if I could manually save and restore my workspace?
Well [Carey]( did, and so he developed the custom
workspaces feature, which allows you to set up Komodo just the way you like it,
then save it and come back to your setup whenever you wish. This allows you to
create countless workspaces that easily jumpstart your preferred workflow.

### **And So Much More**

For a complete list of changes in Komodo 9.1 (IDE and Edit), please check our

Komodo 9.0 owners are automatically entitled to 9.1, and Komodo 8.x owners can upgrade via [My Account](

Nathan Rijksen

Nathan Rijksen

Nathan Rijksen is the Development Lead for Komodo IDE. He works adeptly with Mozilla, Python and JavaScript to ensure that Komodo IDE is the IDE of choice for development teams. Nathan has been working with Komodo IDE for a decade before joining the development team in 2012. Since then he has worked tirelessly on new features such as Commando, Breadcrumbs, a completely new UI and much more.