Advanced Debugging with Komodo IDE20170112191500

Advanced Debugging with Komodo IDE

mitchellbJanuary 12, 2017debugging, komodo, komodo ide
Komodo IDE’s debugging facilities are quite remarkable. It has built-in debuggers for Python, Perl, Ruby, NodeJS, Tcl, JavaScript (via Google Ch...
Case Study: Lua Debugging in Komodo20160810000000

Case Study: Lua Debugging in Komodo

mitchellbAugust 10, 2016Case Study, debugging, hackathon, komodo, lua
I had thoughts about trying something crazy with Komodo…so when ActiveState held its annual hackathon I saw it as a great opportunity for me to ...
Under the Hood: Komodo X and Chrome Debugging20160713000000

Under the Hood: Komodo X and Chrome Debugging

mitchellbJuly 13, 2016backend, chrome debugging, debugging, insights, komodo, Komodo X, protocols
It is easy to take for granted Komodo IDE’s superb debugging support. Komodo excels at debugging common scripting languages like Perl, Python, T...
5 Reasons to use an IDE Instead of an Editor20160602000000

5 Reasons to use an IDE Instead of an Editor

Sheila LouisJune 2, 2016code refactoring, coding, debugging, development, editor, ide, integrated development environment, komodo, release tool integration, source code integration
The word *editor* and IDE (integrated development environments) are often mistakenly used interchangeably. However, there are some big differences bet...
Chrome Debugging in Komodo X, Code and Debug in One Place20160525000000

Chrome Debugging in Komodo X, Code and Debug in One Place

Nathan RijksenMay 25, 2016backtrace, breakpoint, chrome, debugging, dev-tools, html, ide, javascript, komodo
Let me set the stage: You are a web developer. You spend many hours a week writing javascript, running javascript and debugging javascript. You’...
Debugging with Komodo IDE20160211000000

Debugging with Komodo IDE

Carey HoffmanFebruary 11, 2016debugger, debugging, komodo
[Komodo supports debugging]( (*IDE ONLY*) for all of its major dynamic languages including Python, PHP, Go, ...
Debug Komodo with Komodo20140814100000

Debug Komodo with Komodo

Carey HoffmanAugust 14, 2014debugging, komodo, komodo ide, python, remote debugging
Context and Packages Add JIT to Komodo Try It Out Recently I was providing support to a customer who was having issues with a Komodo component. Unfort...
Node.js support in Komodo 7 Alpha 320110623225739

Node.js support in Komodo 7 Alpha 3

troytJune 23, 2011autocomplete, debugging, javascript, komodo, komodo edit, komodo ide, node, node.js
After months of hearing the question “When are you adding Node.js support to Komodo?” I’m very pleased to announce that Node.js auto...