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ActiveState is excited to announce that the Tcl Dev Kit (TDK) is now open source! This critical piece of software enables Tcl developers to create standalone, deployable applications for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX. The ongoing development of this project has been a joint effort between ActiveState and key members of the Tcl community for many years.
TDK is a very substantial piece of software developed over many years and we are pleased to open source all of it to the community at large. We regularly open source code we have used ourselves. I encourage everyone to take a look at ActiveState’s Github page to discover projects of interest. ActiveState is a company built by developers for developers and we strive to provide meaningful community contributions as often as we can.
Until now, TDK has been maintained by ActiveState as part of its suite of products but moving forward the best option for its future development is to release it into the hands of the dedicated Tcl community. By open sourcing TDK, the Tcl community can now take control of the development direction for TDK and tailor it to best fit their needs, modernize with new releases, and benefit from a wide community of contributors.
The release of TDK goes hand in hand with the recent open sourcing of the TEAcup/TEApot package repository. Combined, these two pieces of software provide a powerful set of tools for the Tcl community to utilize.
Extra thanks goes to Tcl core maintainer and ActiveState alumnus Andreas Kupries who was instrumental in helping prepare the code to be released to the community and who will play a vital role in maintaining it into the future.
At ActiveState, we’ve been deeply involved open source communities and projects for Perl, Python and Tcl for two decades, and more recently with Go and Ruby. We’re excited to release this project to the community and invite you to explore and contribute to the TDK project.
You can find the source code at
If you haven’t tried ActiveTcl or don’t have the latest version you can download it here.

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