What's New in Komodo

What's New in Komodo 10.2

All New Unit Testing
We’ve rebuilt unit testing from the ground up to support a wider variety of frameworks and facilitate more productivity. You can run tests for major frameworks including PHPUnit (PHP), pytest (Python 2 and 3), Prove (Perl), Mocha (Node.js), RSPec (Ruby) and Go, as well as any frameworks that output in TAP or TeamCity compatible formatting.

New functionality enables you to filter test results, jump to test definitions and place breakpoints directly in your test for easy debugging - all with a new and improved UX. With Komodo 10.2, you can run tests more efficiently than before, and enhance your Test Driven Development processes.


Slack Sharing
If your team lives on Slack, sharing a code snippet is a quick way to get problems solved. Now you can share snippets, diffs and all kinds of code directly from Komodo to your team on Slack. Give your ctrl+c and ctrl+v a break.


Yarn Support (New Package Manager for Node.js)
Get the performance and reliability of Yarn without having to leave your IDE. Komodo integrates with Yarn in the same way it does with npm. You can run commands in the “Go To Anything” search field or through a dynamic toolbar button, helping to speed up your Node.js workflow.


Django and Flask Toolboxes
Step up your Django or Flask development with new toolboxes based on open-source contributions. Save time writing boilerplate code by just double-clicking a snippet to insert it directly into your file. Doesn’t get easier than that.

(Credit to Djaneiro, Flask-Sublime and flask-snippets.)

And other improvements

  • Ruby 2.4, Rails 5 support and updated toolbox
  • Tcl 8.6 support
  • Tutorials for Catalyst, Django, Flask, Pyramid and Rails
  • Improved Shell Scope - type commands right into “Go To Anything”
  • And more (see the changelog)


What's New in Komodo 10.1

Tutorial Tool (IDE) 
Write and use tutorials that will run in Komodo. We are using this mechanic ourselves with the introduction of some useful "getting started" tutorials. The possibilities here are endless, you could learn how to program in a new language or framework completely from Komodo, or use it as an educational tool for the classroom.

Publishing Improvements (IDE)
You can now force push and force pull files, which is incredibly useful for workflows where all you ever do is upload changes. Additionally we're introducing a dynamic toolbar button for Publishing actions, letting you quickly access common publishing tasks.

Language Updates

We've added support for Mustache templating as well as support for syntax checking in Angular files. Additionally our Gulp integration has been extended to support Gulp.babel tasks.

And tons of little things

  • Global font settings
  • New branch switching statusbar widget for Git and Mercurial
  • Various improvements to the commit dialog
  • VSCode Keybinding set (for converts)
  • Improved user experience for the color scheme editor
  • Better HiDPI support for Linux
  • Find results can now optionally open in file tabs
  • Added missing Laravel Blade directives (thanks to lagbox!)
  • Added RGBA support to our color picker (thanks to Defman!)
  • Improved multi-caret behavior
  • Various codeintel improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved multi-window stability

What's New in Komodo X

Chrome Remote Debugging (IDE) 
Debug your code in Chrome, from Komodo! No more context switching or locating the same code you've been working on again in the Chrome dev tools. You can write code, place breakpoints and debug all right from inside Komodo.


Gulp, Grunt, NPM task runner Integration (IDE)
Komodo now integrates with Gulp, Grunt and NPM tasks. The integration allows you to run commands for those task runners in your shell scope (inside Commando), it also adds a button to your dynamic toolbar (new in Komodo 10) which lets you quickly run commands via those task runners.


PhoneGap & Cordova Integration (IDE)
Quickly access PhoneGap and Cordova via your "dynamic toolbar", as well as interact with them via the Commando shell scope. Komodo automatically detects your configuration and provides contextual actions.


Support For React, Ember, Angular, TypeScript, ES6
We've put a lot of focus on individual frameworks in Komodo 10, a trend you can expect to continue. With this iteration we focused on some of the most popular JS frameworks and derivatives.


Symbol Browser (IDE)
The section scope (inside Commando) now allows you to browse symbols across your entire project. So you can easily jump to classes, functions, properties, or other symbols no matter where they are in your project.


New Interface
The entire user interface has been given a big facelift. This facelift isn't just about making Komodo more attractive and enjoyable to use; a ton of user experience work has gone into the facelift, making Komodo 10 the most user friendly Komodo we've ever released.



First Start Wizard
When you first start Komodo (or when you update between major versions) Komodo will now show you a short and simple first start wizard that lets you customize Komodo to your likings. Tabs or spaces? The bias is all yours.



New Version Control UX
The version control user experience has been completely overhauled, making for easier and more intuitive interaction with your repositories.



  • Ruby 2.1+ Debugging (IDE)
    In addition to Ruby 1.x and 2.0 Debugging you can now debug Ruby 2.1 and beyond. This also includes REPL support for these versions.
  • New Default Keybindings
    New default key bindings that are based on industry standards and cold hard logic; if it doesn't make sense it shouldn't be a (default) keybind.
  • Improved PHP CodeIntel
    Komodo 10 supports PSR4, allowing for smarter CodeIntel for all PHP frameworks that use the PSR4 specification.
  • Improved JavaScript CodeIntel
    Enhancements have been made in JS module detection and general JS parsing, making Komodo 10's JS support the best it's ever been.
  • Performance Improvements
    Komodo 10 has received significant performance improvements. File opening, closing, saving, typing, .. you name it. Additionally we've fixed a long standing memory leak which caused users to have to restart Komodo every few days, that should no longer be the case.
  • And so much more!
    • Entire UI is now skinnable using the color scheme editor
    • Improved source code control UI and UX (IDE only)
    • New SCC Commit Dialog (IDE only)
    • New SCC Widget (IDE only)
    • Improved unit testing UI and UX (IDE only)
    • Improved color picker UI and UX
    • New color scheme editor
    • New UI SDK (used in our new First Start Wizard)
    • and much much more ..