Komodo IDE for Teams

The Best IDE for Teams

Staying organized while sharing information is a key component of teamwork. Komodo IDE’s features were built for this.

Real-Time Code Collaboration

Speed up team programming by editing with other users simultaneously. The Code Collaboration feature shares changes with team members in real-time, with highlights to identify what was changed and who made the changes.

Version Control

Good version control software and consistent source management practices are essential for team coding. Each change to the code is tracked, any change can be reverted, and conflicting changes can be resolved.

Komodo lets you use the source control management software that suits your team best: Subversion, Git, Mercurial (hg), CVS, Bazaar, or Perforce. With source code control features right in the development environment, it’s easier to enforce good SCM practices.

Shared Tools

Komodo’s Toolbox is a convenient interface for storing and organizing snippets of code, templates, macros, saved commands, and links. These useful tools can be stored in a users personal toolbox for easy reuse.

Tools that are relevant to the whole team can be put into a Shared Toolbox, which can be kept on a network share, in source code control, or synced using Komodo’s own Publish feature.

Coding Standards

Komodo’s Code Formatting feature helps teams keep their code looking consistent, readable, and maintainable. Configure third-party formatters, or your own, to quickly reformat selections or entire documents to conform to a specific coding style.

Using saved commands and macros in the Toolbox, you can run external parsers or linters, see their output in Komodo, and quickly jump to the lines of code that are raising red flags.

Easy Adoption

It’s hard to convince a team of programmers who are strongly attached to their favorite editors or operating systems to buy into the idea of a standardized development environment. Komodo IDE has a number of advantages over other editors and IDEs which make team adoption easier:


Komodo runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, so the choice of operating system is open.

Multi-Language and Framework

Full debugging, code intelligence and editing for Python (including Python 3), PHP, Perl, Ruby, Tcl, XSLT and Node.js.

Full code intelligence and editing support for HTML (including HTML 5), JavaScript, CSS (including CSS 3), XML, XUL, and templates including EJS, epMojo, RHTML, Django, Mason, Smarty and Template Toolkit.

Excellent editing support for dozens of other languages, including C/C++, JSON, SQL, Erlang, CoffeeScript, LESS, SCSS, and all things text.


Komodo can be made to look and feel like other editors or development environments—key bindings and color schemes are completely customizable. Komodo has the ability to emulate the behavior or other editors, such as Vi, Emacs and Textmate, so programmers feel at home when switching to Komodo. That means learning curves are almost non-existent.


Komodo can easily interact with external tools through saved commands and macros. Output can be displayed, sent to the current document, or trigger subsequent actions. Integration with third party applications and SDKs quickly becomes seamless.


Additional languages and functionality can be added through Komodo add-ons. If you work with domain-specific languages or libraries, you can create extensions that add syntax highlighting and code intelligence for that language. Better yet, you can check to see if others in the Komodo community have already created the extension that you need.

“Komodo IDE from ActiveState is the most comprehensive code editor and debugger available for enterprise teams that develop applications using a range of dynamic languages.”
— James R. Borck, InfoWorld

“Komodo IDE is the most comprehensive, intuitive, and easy to use IDE for dynamic languages. Our Linux based applications are developed on PCs and MACs. Komodo’s flexible licensing rules and ability to run on Windows, MAC OS, and Linux affords our developers the flexibility we need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We cannot imagine working on any other platform.”
— Jason Cobb, Senior Systems Architect at Siemens Rail Automation Corporation