Data Sheet: Modern Python for CAE engineers

Python for CAE engineers ActiveState

Data Sheet: Modern Python for CAE Engineers

If you’re like most vendors of Computer-Aided Engineering solutions, you’ve already incorporated Python into your code base. That means a lot of your dev team’s time is probably dedicated to maintaining, updating, and securing Python for your application, slowing you down. This datasheet explains how Python powered by the ActiveState Platform can help you keep pace with your competitors by spending more time on features and less time on managing Python.

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Keeping Pace With Change

Whether you expose Python APIs to allow your customers to access and process results, modify the user interface, or more easily integrate their own tools, keeping up with the latest Python releases is key. And if you incorporate Machine Learning (ML) capabilities using Python into your application, you will likely want to expose that functionality to customers so they can retrain your model(s) based on their data. But ML packages in Python are evolving even faster than the base language.

Additionally, as Microsoft, Apple, and Linux OS vendors release new versions of their platform, you may want to rebuild your application in order to take advantage of new features, added functionality and improved performance. However, rebuilding often means new versions of open source libraries and new versions of compilers. Certifying your application against them can take months of effort.

ActiveState can help you keep up with this pace of change in a number of ways: 

  • Automated Python Builds – ActiveState can automatically rebuild your runtime environment from source code against new versions of Python, as well as recent releases of Linux, Windows and macOS. This can reduce a task that often takes days or even weeks to just a few minutes. No OS or language expertise is required.
  • Managed Python Builds – ActiveState can manage your Python build on your behalf, resolving any security issues such as open source vulnerabilities, as well as ensuring packages in your build remain up to date.
  • Build Engineering Support – tasks such as creating debug builds or portable versions of Python for software installers require time and resources that may be better spent working on product features instead. Let ActiveState’s experts free up your internal resources.
Python for CAE datasheet

Support That Pays for Itself

If you ship an on-premise solution, your support team may be dealing with more issues than they need to. For example, every time a customer installs community Python in a non-standard way it can cause issues with your application, which results in endless hours of support calls. 

ActiveState offers a Python OEM license for just this kind of scenario. Shipping a standard version of Python in your installer means every customer has a standard deployment, dramatically reducing support burdens. And if anything should go wrong, ActiveState’s SLA-backed commercial support means your dev teams always have recourse to Python experts that can help resolve issues in a timely manner, improving customer satisfaction.

Reduce Risk

Working with an open source solution like Python can put your business at risk in a number of ways that ActiveState’s indemnification offering is designed to minimize. For example:

  • Lawsuits – you may be at risk for IP infringement lawsuits even if you’re following best practices. ActiveState can help reduce the risks associated with being sued.
  • License Compliance – open source license reviews can often hold up development teams, delaying time to market. ActiveState enables developers to work with a set of approved packages/package versions for use, thereby significantly shortening license reviews, enabling you to ship on time.
  • Security – indemnified builds incorporate Python packages that have been vetted by ActiveState as being well coded and well maintained, helping to ensure your applications are less vulnerable to attacks.

Protect your brand and reputation while dramatically reducing compliance and security risks.

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What is Python by ActiveState?

ActiveState is the de-facto standard for millions of developers around the world who have been using our commercially-backed, secure open source language distributions for over 20 years. With the ActiveState Platform, developers can now automatically build their own Python, Perl or Tcl Environments for Windows, Linux or Mac—all without requiring language or operating system expertise.

How  to try the ActiveState Platform for your Python CAE  projects?

Developers can sign up for our Platform and use it to build a runtime environment for their Python projects right away. Or they can get a pre-compiled version of the Python, Perl and Tcl core language and many of the popular third-party modules – free to download and use for development purposes.

For information on team tier or enterprise pricing, refer to our Platform Pricing or else contact Sales.

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