State of CI/CD 2020 Survey Results

ci cd survey results

State of CI/CD 2020 Survey Results

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No universal out-of-the-box approach exists for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery or Deployment (CI/CD). Additionally, most organizations have a long way to go before they’ve fully automated all CI/CD processes, or recognized all the benefits of automating the build, test, deliver and deploy cycle. ActiveState aims to help change that.

We conducted a survey designed to help participants gain insight into the state of CI/CD in general, and understand how it compares to their own practices. These results also helped us at ActiveState identify the gaps our open source language automation platform can fill.


With a 20 year history of supporting open source languages for organizations both large and small, we’ve seen some common pitfalls that may be negatively impacting continuous integration and continuous delivery implementations. Learn more about optimizing your CI/CD  implementations with our white paper.

Have questions about how we can improve reproducibility & transparency in your CI/CD implementations? Contact us.

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