Automate your Language Builds

Automate your Language Builds: Solution Sheet

Automate your Language Builds

Keep your open source supply chain secure, up to date and consistent across teams at scale, fast. The ActiveState Platform ensures the integrity of your open source language environments, which are automatically built from source, secured and packaged for Windows, Linux and Mac in minutes, not months.

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Build In Minutes, Not Months

Keep your open source language distributions up to date and consistent across teams at scale, fast. Build your open source language distribution in minutes, not months. Automate build engineering and dependency management of your open source languages. The ActiveState Platform:

  • Pulls in all dependencies.
  • Resolves dependency conflicts, if possible.
  • Builds your runtime environment in minutes.

Fast Facts

  • Speed – automate the build cycle & install project runtimes with one click.
  • Consistency – use a standard runtime environment team-wide & automate updates.
  • Performance – select only packages you need, no more bloated builds.
  • Reproducibility – use pinning to reproduce builds even if dependencies change.
  • Trusted Source – use ActiveState’s vetted & maintained libraries, packages & modules.
  • Your Workflow – don’t change workflows, work the way you need.

A New Solution To An Old Problem

The ActiveState Platform is a cloud-based system that automates the building and updating of open source languages. You won’t need to:

  • Assemble required third party libraries.
  • Create build environments to compile and debug the libraries.
  • Resolve dependency conflicts.
  • Check licenses to ensure compliance with corporate policy.
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How Do You Benefit?

Decrease “works on my machine” Incidents.
Standard runtime environment team-wide, automatically built and updated.

Reduce Resource Costs
Before multiple personnel were required to find, diagnose and fix problems with the runtime build process; now with the ActiveState Platform it takes just one person.

Eliminate Wasted Build Cycles
Quick and easy to discover which third party libraries can and cannot be built.

Gain Stable, Reliable Runtimes
Access a curated set of stable, well maintained, non-GPL libraries, packages and modules appropriate for enterprise use.

Reduce Onboarding & Project Startup Time
Download and install your project’s runtime with a single click, streamline development environment creation.


  • Automated language builds. 
    Perl 5.10+, Python 3.66+ with popular packages, modules & libraries from third-party ecosystem (e.g PyPI)
  • Dependency resolution.
    Automatically pulls in all dependencies and flags conflicts
  • Automated updates.
    Platform automatically rebuilds your runtimes with the latest versions of libraries, packages and modules
  • Build pinning.
    Revert to any runtime environment with a click, ensuring build reproducibility
  • Version and commit history.
    View a history of all runtime builds; trace how a runtime evolved over time
  • Forking.
    Fork any project to quickly modify it for your needs
  • Project teams.
    Team members that join your organization can share access to the runtime environment for your project

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What is the ActiveState Platform?

ActiveState is the de-facto standard for millions of developers around the world who have been using our commercially-backed, secure open source language distributions for over 20 years. With the ActiveState Platform, developers can now automatically build their own Python, Perl or Tcl Environments for Windows, Linux or Mac—all without requiring language or operating system expertise.

How to try the ActiveState Platform

You can try the ActiveState Platform by signing up for a free account using your email or GitHub credentials. Or sign up for a free demo and let us show you how we can support your Python 2 application(s).

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