ActiveState® Development Tools Upgrades & Support Subscription Service Level Agreement


Scope of Coverage for Upgrades & Support Subscriptions for Komodo IDE, Perl Dev Kit (PDK), Tcl Dev Kit (TDK)

Please note that the terms in this Service Level Agreement apply to customers who have active and paid annual Upgrades & Support subscriptions. These are available for Komodo IDE, PDK, and TDK (mandatory for 5+ users), and are included in annual fees for ActivePerl Pro Studio and ActiveTcl Pro Studio. It cannot be applied to Komodo Edit. Product license agreements can be viewed for each product here: Komodo IDE, Perl Dev Kit, Tcl Dev Kit.

To add an annual Upgrades & Support subscription to your license, or to check if your subscription is active, please go to My Account.

Updates & Upgrades

Customers who have active Upgrades & Support subscriptions are entitled to receive product updates (“minor releases”) and upgrades (“major releases”) — together known as “product releases” — when they become available. All product releases and license installers can be downloaded from My Account.

Customers who have been upgraded to a major release must maintain their Upgrades & Support subscription in order to continue receiving product releases.

Support Contacts

ActiveState will provide support for:

  • 1 contact per license
  • Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm PT (excluding US statutory holidays)
  • Response time guarantee: 2 business days
  • Email support only; telephone support not provided
  • Support inquiries should be sent to

Support Coverage

ActiveState supports the following types of issues for all components we ship with Komodo, PDK, TDK for the latest release:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Diagnosis
  • Usage
  • Bug fixes, available to customers dependent on product release cycles

Under the Upgrades & Support plans for desktop development tools (Komodo, PDK, TDK), ActiveState does NOT support:

  • ActivePerl, ActiveTcl, or ActivePython issues. See the commercial support page for language distribution support offerings available through Business Edition or Enterprise Edition
  • Performance testing
  • Code reviewing and auditing
  • Third-party products not shipped with Komodo, PDK, or TDK
  • Safari Online Books troubleshooting (for ActivePerl Pro Studio and ActiveTcl Pro Studio subscribers)
  • Beta product features

Subscription Renewals

Subscribers to Upgrades and Support will be automatically renewed and charged to your credit card annually. To check the status of your subscription, change to manual renewal ordering, update your credit card information, or to cancel a subscription, please go to My Account.

Re-instatement Policy

Customers will have 30 days from the initial date of software purchase of Komodo IDE to add the Upgrades and Support subscription if desired, at $99/year/license. If you wish to add an Upgrades and Support subscription to your purchase after 30 days (and up to 365 days later), the fee is $198/user/license. Subsequent annual charges will revert to $99/year/user/license when renewed on time in following years.

If your Upgrades & Support subscription expires, you have 30 days from expiration to resubscribe at $99; after 30 days (and up to 365 days later), the fee is $198/user/license as a “true up” fee. Subsequent annual charges will revert to $99/year/user/license when renewed on time in following years.

Subscription Cancellations

You may cancel your Upgrades & Support plan at any time to avoid future charges. No full or partial refunds available for annual subscriptions that have already been charged to your card. You may cancel your subscription via My Account or by calling 1.866.631.4581 or 778.786.1100.

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