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Disinformation Is An Open Source Problem

The Oxford dictionary defines disinformation as “false information which is intended to mislead.” That simple definition seems to understate the problem, given the fact that ...
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The Best Python Use Cases for ChatGPT
ChatGPT can be both empowering for Python coders and extremely frustrating. Learn which pitfalls to avoid & which use cases to focus on.
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Getting Started on the Journey to a Secure Software Supply Chain
Learn how to recognize the first stage of your Software Supply Chain Security Journey, and how to overcome the anarchy that characterizes it.
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How to Ensure Supply Chain Security for AI / ML Apps
The AI gold rush is on, with first-to-market concerns trumping security. Learn how to make speed & security compatible instead of competitive
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How to Distinguish Human Text From AI Text – Using Python
Can Python be used to reliably distinguish AI-generated text from human-generated text? Try out these two Python projects and find out.
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The Top 10 Computer Vision Packages for Python
Innovation in Computer Vision is being driven by Python. Learn which are the best Python packages for which Computer Vision task.
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How to Avoid Software Supply Chain Fines
The US administration is proposing legislation that will hold vendors liable for non-secure software. Find out what it means & what can you do to ...
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Introducing SLSA 1.0: Securing the Code You Import & Build
The SLSA 1.0 specification provides verifiable controls and best practices to help you secure your software supply chain. Learn how.
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How to Automate Python for Visual Studio Code
Setting up Python projects in VS Code just got a lot easier with the ability to automatically switch between interpreters. Learn how.
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Why Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) Require Attestations
SBOMs won't secure your software supply chain because they lack attestation info about how components were sourced and built. Learn more.
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Easy Python Dependency Management With Shareable Environments
Learn how shareable development environments can finally make Python dependency management and environment management simple and easy.
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Five Stages For a Secure Software Supply Chain
Learn how to navigate the five stages to securing your software supply chain and meeting US government software supply chain requirements.
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How to Make Ruby Package Management Better
Managing Ruby gems, environments and dependencies for multiple OSs shouldn't require managing and maintaining multiple tools. Learn how.
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