Team Editing: Komodo Collaboration Tool

Team Editing: Komodo Collaboration Tool

As many of you are aware, in Komodo IDE we have a feature called Collaboration. It’s a simple tool with huge implications. Collaboration allows you to work with any number of people on a single document or many documents in a session.
Collaboration includes many of the main editors features including but not limited to Track Changes and Syntax Highlighting. Nathan and I took it for a spin and just happened to be recording our screens and I just happened to be narrating what we were doing. Have a look and see what it can do!

So there you have it! As I always say, please try it, see what you like and what you don’t and let us know in our forums or in an enhancement request on github. We appreciate all of the feedback we receive from the people that use Komodo, even when we don’t agree 😉

Staying organized while sharing information is a key component of teamwork. Learn more about Komodo IDE’s features for teams.

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