The Top 6 Features in Komodo 6

On October 7th we announced the release of Komodo 6. Since then, we’ve had lots of great questions about the new features.  So, what *is* new with Komodo 6?

1. Improved Places and Projects
A completely new Places sidebar merges the Komodo Project view with easy local and remote file browsing. Places allows live file management and makes navigating your project tree simple. It integrates source code control information for Subversion, Git, Mercurial, Perforce, CVS and Bazaar. It integrates with Komodo’s excellent Find & Replace in Files, the Fast Open dialog and with Komodo IDE 6’s new Publishing system. (Pssst… used to Komodo 5 and not sure how to adapt to the changes? Read Troy’s blog post specific to Places and Projects).

2. New Database Explorer (IDE only)
Komodo IDE 6 adds a Database Explorer to help you quickly manage and grok your SQL databases. It supports SQLite out of the box, with easy to install extensions for MySQL and Oracle. More can be added with Komodo’s extension mechanism (the same extension system you’ll find in Firefox).

3. New “Publish Your Site” (IDE only)
Komodo has supported remote file editing for a long time. However, we’ve heard what you’ve had to say: sometimes when editing locally (for speed, autocomplete, debugging) or editing multiple files before one push makes more sense. Komodo IDE 6’s new publishing system allows you to quickly and easily keep remote and local directories in sync.

4. New Languages
The development world is moving fast (especially for the web)–and Komodo helps you keep up. Komodo IDE 6 includes full Python 3 support (syntax checking, code intelligence, debugging), adds autocomplete data for Perl 5.12 and full autocomplete support for HTML 5, CSS 3 and the latest versions of jQuery, Dojo and YUI.
5. Improved Toolbox
Komodo 6 includes a re-written Toolbox system to make it more extensible and more useful. A Komodo tool (shell command, snippet, macro, abbreviation, custom menu, etc.) is now just a simple JSON file in a tool directory. Extensions can now provide tools and tools in Komodo projects are in a “.komodotools” directory: more source code control-friendly and shareable.

6. Improved Performance
With Komodo 6 we’ve spent a lot of time working on performance to make your development go faster. Switching, opening and closing tabs is much faster. Startup and shutdown time is faster. Some edge cases with very large files have been improved. In general Komodo editing is much snappier. Komodo 6 is now based on the same Mozilla sources as Firefox 3.5, which will also give you a good speed boost.

Komodo 6 adds much more to make your coding faster, easier and more efficient–like multi-language Rx (Komodo IDE only, regular expression debugger) and improved hyperlinks. See more of Komodo’s features here.

Friendly reminder:
Komodo IDE 6 is on sale through December 31, 2010

New single licenses start at $295 $245
Upgrades from Komodo IDE 5 start at $145 $95

Plus now you can add  an annual Upgrades and Support Plan (NEW!) to your purchase for just $87: ensure you’re always using the newest version of Komodo, and take comfort in knowing that our support team is here for you! Contact us for a formal quote, or sign up for the ActiveState Platform to try Komodo for free!

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