Web Editing with Komodo: Tutorial Videos

Web Editing with Komodo: Tutorial Videos

Recently, a university professor contacted us about using Komodo as a teaching tool for his course on web design. He wanted to know if we could refer him to any educational resources demonstrating web editing with Komodo.
I referred him to our HTML, CSS and JavaScript screencast, which highlights some of Komodo’s editing features. I also discovered that there are a number of great user-made videos on the topic. I reviewed them and recommended the most useful ones. FYI, they’re not in-depth language tutorials, but they give you an idea of how to get started on a project using Komodo.
Since I suspect this is a common topic of interest for educators and newbies such as myself, I thought I would share my recommendations on this blog. Hopefully at least one of these videos inspires you to make a kick-ass web application, or at least give your WYSIWYG the boot.
You can download Komodo Edit (free) here, or create an account on the ActiveState Platform to try Komodo IDE for free!

Komodo Edit Tutorial 
posted by LearnToProgramDotTV

This video is the most recent, using Komodo 7.1. It shows the basic process of creating an HTML file, editing it, previewing it and saving it, while showing off some cool Komodo features.

Komodo IDE: Editing HTML, CSS and JavaScript 
posted by ActiveStateSoftware

Narrated by lead Komodo developer ToddW, this screencast covers templates, tabstops, language-specific autocomplete and syntax highlighting.

The Web Development Process with Komodo Edit / Creating an HTML5 template for Komodo Edit 
posted by fsupic

Here’s another take on starting a project, with the addition of creating your own HTML5 template from a regular HTML template. This was posted as part of a Florida State University program.

By now you probably get the idea. These are good introductions, but the rest is up to you. The next step is simply to start a project with Komodo, get a feel for it, and use it in conjunction with your web editing course (or self-education).
Good luck and happy editing!

Related Notes

CareyH recently did a blog post on walking through the Udacity.com Python course with Komodo. Udacity.com offers free online courses, including one on web development.
Title image courtesy of NeONBRAND on Unsplash.

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