Python Security: Remove Blindspots with Built-In Security

Runtime Security: Remove Blindspots with Built-In Security

Python Security: Remove Blindspots with Built-In Security

Update 2021: ActiveState Platform is being developed to be a turn-key software supply chain solution for Python security professionals, that protects your software development process from end to end:

  • An open source catalog that contains indemnified Python packages which have been checked to ensure they are well maintained and suitably licensed for commercial use.
  • A secure build service that offers isolated, ephemeral, hermetic and verifiably reproducible builds from Python source code. As a universal, automated build tool, developers no longer need to install potentially compromised binaries.
  • Checksum verification of all build artifacts ensures the final packages you work with haven’t been compromised.
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Remove Blind Spots

Until now organizations needed multiple approaches to track Python dependencies, vulnerabilities, library versions and licenses including:

  • During code check-in via repositories
  • Across the CI/CD chain using automated scanning tools
  • In production by installing continuously running agents

The ActiveState Platform let’s you centrally manage your open source languages. You can verify running code from development all the way through to test and production environments. You can remove blind spots with a 360 degree view of your code.

python security datasheet figure 1

Figure 1: ActiveState Platform monitoring Python packages in production

Python Security Remove Blindspots with Built-In Security

3 Security Wins For Production Environments

  1. Compliance teams identify “unknown” Python packages & ensure modifications are in compliance with the package’s license terms.
  2. InfoSec teams profile Python applications to understand the risk level associated with continuing to run a compromised instance.
  3. Audit teams track how a Python application has changed through the software development lifecycle & can ensure best practices are followed.

Python Security

More Speed – Less Risk – Better Trust

Start with a secure Python runtime built on the ActiveState Platform. Instrument the Python interpreter to ensure your Python code remains secure. Now all stakeholders – from the developer working in the IDE, to the QA tester, to Ops and InfoSec teams in production – can track security & compliance issues.

  • More Speed: Enable security teams to keep pace with dev. Security roadblocks can be removed since you bake security into your Python runtime before you even begin coding.
  • Less risk: Inject security right into your source code. Track security vulnerabilities, out-of-date packages and risky licenses from dev through to production.
  • Better Trust: Give your InfoSec and Risk Management teams a way to certify that security & compliance best practices are being followed.

90% of applications are built with open source. Of those, 76.5% have vulnerabilities and 54% are not compliant.

ActiveState enables you to bake security into the language runtime, BEFORE you start coding.

  • The Platform’s runtime security is unlike agent-based solutions that are deployed late in the SDLC & run continuously. The Platform eliminates blind spots in the SDLC and adds no overhead to your production systems.
  • Plus, the Platform empowers all stakeholders throughout the SDLC to be aware of security and compliance risks. You avoid the bottleneck that pushes everything onto the developer. Instead you can solve issues wherever and whenever it makes sense.

Python Security Datasheet Graphic

About ActiveState

ActiveState is the de-facto standard for millions of developers around the world who have been using our commercially-backed, secure open source language solutions for over 20 years. With the ActiveState Platform, developers can now automatically build their own Python, Perl or Tcl Environments for Windows, Linux or Mac—all without requiring language or operating system expertise.

How to try the ActiveState Platform for your Python projects?

Developers can sign up for our Platform and use it to build a runtime environment for their Python or Perl projects right away. Or they can install it via the command line using the snippet provided.

Upto 5 Active Runtimes per organization (or per individual, if for personal use) are free. For information on team tier or enterprise pricing, refer to our Platform Pricing or else contact Sales.

How mature is your supply chain security? See how good your existing open source security and integrity controls are by taking our quick, 8-question self-assessment.

Certify third-party libraries against dependency management, security and compliance criteria on the ActiveState Platform. Create a free account.

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